Monday, October 29, 2007

a wedding and a running race??

Friday: Class till 1 then immediately left for MN for the rehearsal dinner. We made about 2 hours of mistakes (thanks to no map) and finally got there just before they cleaned up the food. I barely had enough time to say hi Scott and was handed a bag with a black watch in it. Cool, I think I'm going to like this weekend?

Saturday: First the wedding, then took a bus/limo to the party. Plenty o alcohol on board. Party was fun, DJ sucked tho. We got back and it was time to inhale water to be ready for the 10K.

Sunday: I felt pretty good in the morning, drank some more water and got McD's breakfast for pre race fuel. You laugh, I say it works. Anyways the race went surprisingly well. I got around 47 minutes, I just remember it was a 7:35 pace. Garrett and I were together until 4.5 miles where he slowly put time on me then at the 5 mile mark he picked it up and did most of his damage. I wasnt racing him as much as myself and I couldnt be happier considering my condition right now. I had never run that far before so that was cool. The girls are wayyyy hotter in running I may seriously take that up as a 2nd sport, can I do that?

cool costumes

see what i mean

And on the ride home we hit a deer, it was knocked over and managed to get off the highway before the oncoming semi hit it.

Ok time to think Genetics and CycloCross...

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