Monday, September 29, 2008

Race 2 - Fit Strip

7 of 20 mens Eh’s

Ever seen that Seinfeld with bizzaro jerry? Left is right, up is down bad is good. Well this was bizzaro cyclocross. Finally a race with no problems... ok a bad start but hardly an issue. So I entered the woods in about 12th but everyone was moving pretty quick at the beginning so it didn’t really slow things down. I passed a couple guys later in the lap and was probably 10th, about 2 laps in a group of 4 or 5 guys formed including dg, langlois, tony, tim s, myself and occasionally a sisu guy a red jackets guy (I forget their names). We worked well together taking turns and keeping the pace high, there were a couple times I didn’t think I’d be able to hang on but just managed. as this was happening I didn’t realize but the group widdled down to only me and dave. With 1.5 laps to go the two of us were alone in the 7/8 spot I was back a good 3 seconds or so and coming into the last hard right turn dave took it wide a bit off the course allowing me to get in front and hold it to the end by 2 seconds. The bike held up well. Overall a great race, I got my top 10 I was hoping for! Next Sunday is at Chocolay de Mahaney.

tons of awesome pictures here mens As are last 50 or so.


garrett and i just before entering the woods


ace train

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

cyclocross kicked off sunday

13 of 24 for Eh's.

Everybody was there and it went smoothly. I felt pretty good for it being my first time on that bike since last years final cx race. The races started off fast I got a bad start and entered the first tight spot in about 10th. From there all kinds of craziness occurred. My skewer wouldn't stay tight for more than a couple laps so I replaced that for this weekend. Around lap 8 I pass tom because i see his chain comes off and he stops to fix it, he quickly gets back and is right behind me, as I'm taking a left i go down and with great bike handling tom avoided me and i was right back up. This weekend: fit strip lots of hills, single track and lactic acid... hoping for a top 10, is that too much to ask?

1st cx race

porn star joey


eric, me, belic, garrett waiting for the start

giving it everything

garrett sizing up the competition

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

stolen bike

So I finally picked up my mountain bike from lakeshore the other day after working on it for 4 hours, putting on new cables and a shifter. I ride it to the pief and forgot a lock, so I bring it inside figuring it will be ok if its in there. nope, 30 minutes later im back and its snatched. kind of sucks, i called the police but based on the conversation i had with them it could be in front of their face and they would have no idea.

me: "hi i'd like to report a stolen bike"
cop: "what color is it?"
me: "blue"
cop: "ooook ill write a report and we'll let you know if anything comes up."

im embarrased to say i have 0 pictures of it. its a blue giant xtc mountain bike with specialized tires and duke rock shox so if you see someone riding it you have my permission to use any necessary force to get it back. heres a stock photo...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Getting back into the regular routine of riding. Have been doing about 10 hours a week for a couple weeks on the road bike. The first races is only about 2.5 weeks away at Al Quall in Ishpeming.