Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dave Wiens is nuts

I know its old news but came across this cool video of the race from Wiens point of view. Video is half way down on the left.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tourist Park

Raced this weekend at tourist park. all the usual suspects + my dad. it was a great 1.5 mile course with grass, sand, singletrack, pavement, barriers, everything you could want. 5th place this week, i rode most of the race with jesse and he put a hurtin on me the last couple of laps. For the 2 of you that selected Juntti in the last poll as this weeks winner you chose right, and in doing so earned yourself a chocolate chip cookie!!! ill have another poll up when i think of something good.

^^ pics from dennis loy

breakski this weekend!

here are some pictures posted on various msg boards:

Dennis Loy's pics
Langlois' pics
Chris' pics

Monday, October 13, 2008

K cup 2 race mini-series

A 9 lap course with two different faces. The first half was grass roots and tight turns and halfway out the course did a 180 and hopped into single track for the way back. I got a good start into the 2nd group consisting of wes, me, joey, jesse, and sisu guy. We rode together for 4 or 5 laps till me and joey were popped. The course killed me, every lap I thought the barriers were getting taller and the hills steeper. I finished in 7th I think.
A much different course, built more for a roadie with a lot of grass ski trails and only little single track. Oh yeah and a pile of snow at the s/f line every lap. I got into a good group with blu juntti and sam kilpela. Blu and juntti pulled away but stayed in our sights. Halfway thru blu went down and we passed him. We cought juntti and the group slowed for a couple minutes to wait for blu. Then juntti went down hard on single track dislocating his shoulder. Blu sam and myself were the remaining 3. With 2 laps left blu pulled away and sam and myself were left together. Coming to the start/finish with 1 lap left I tripped after the barriers and sam opened up a good gap that stuck. I finished in 3rd for the day and 4th for the weekend!

2 more races in the season.

lots of good photos on the redjacket team forum click "photo gallery" then "k cup"

heres a great one they got of blu

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Choco X

Well the weekend didn't quite go as planned. I felt really good going into the race but sometimes luck isn't on your side. half lap in i took a sharp left onto the gravel driveway and went down, cutting my hand pretty good. i got back up bleeding all down my hand and 30 seconds later my chain snapped on a short steep uphill section. this one wasn't meant to be. Juntti won (shocking), after doing an insane race with something like 30 miles of biking and 20 miles of running the day before!!!

this weekend is in houghton on saturday AND copper harbor on sunday. hopefully i have some better news to write about. until then...