Friday, November 2, 2007

results page

i've added a results page. the link is on the right, here is how the '07 season has gone. CX state championship race is tomorrow...

10/21Cyclocross race Tourist Park cat A8
10/7Cyclocross race BMX track cat A6
9/16NMU tt (mtb) cat A7
9/15NMU xc (mtb) cat B1
9/8Butler short track (mtb) cat 2
6/24Superior Bike Fest Omnium Overall cat 4/52
6/24Superior Bike Fest cicuit cat 4/54
6/23Superior Bike Fest road race cat 4/53
6/22Superior Bike Fest crit cat 4/54
6/9Race at the Base cat 4/52
5/20Tour of Kennsington road race cat 410
5/19Tour of Kennsington crit cat 428
5/19Tour of Kennsington tt cat 428
5/12Wild adventure race11
5/6Vernon Hills grand prix cat 46
4/22UW madison crit - B12
4/21UW sheboygan rr - B6
4/15Purdue rr - B4
4/15Purdue ttt - B4
4/14Marian crit - B18
4/1WMU circuit - B3
3/31WMU rr - B14
3/25Michigan crit - B10
3/24MSU rr - B9
2/24OSU crit - B3

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