Friday, October 19, 2007


Eric and I went for a 30 miler today. It was nice out when we started, then it began to rain, then it rained hard (we didnt see any rainbows but that would have been cool), then eric flatted on rt 480. So the ride didn't go quite as planned but it still felt great to be back out on the road bike. I wish I could find a race in a month to give me a little motivation and direction with my training. I still have yet to make my off season training plan. I probably need to do some more reading before I do this, got any suggestions? I've read "training and racing with a powermeter" and "the cyclists training bible" so far.

The Zipps... ahhh the zipps, well they didnt quite make it to the reserve, so they're relisted. I'll take anything at this point, the powermeter im getting is 770 so if I can break even its all good.

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