Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hors Category - Mt. Palomar

Some shots from watching the final stage of the tour 200 meters from the KOM summit on Mount Palomar...

elk man leading the peloton

hamilton sittin in the pack


Me on the climb and Nacho Libre running up Palomar

Sunday, February 15, 2009

AZ straight thru

Drove to AZ straight through with the pops, including fill up time it took 28 hours and lots of red bull.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Judson and more

This about sums up my ride saturday:

I knew having a long drive to arizona the next couple of days meant I had to get a good ride in. It started with a drive down to winnetka for the Judson ride. They start off quick so I planned on going early to get a warm up in. I got there at 7:50 and still wasnt dressed... damn no warmup. The day was beautiful. Weather was mid 50s and the sun was out, the ride turnout was upwards of 40 people... wait let me correct that 40 fast people. It did rain the day before and there was plenty of standing water on the roads. So the ride gets off and I get caught in one of the front groups off the main pack... on my cyclocross bike! It was totally nuts and I wanted to cry for most of the ride. Fearing my masculinity would be questioned I held in the tears and kept riding. After about 45 minutes of all out drilling it I couldnt hold it anymore and got dropped. Damn, I didn't know the route and didnt see any of the other riders behind. About 5 minutes later I see my dad riding to his group ride which started at 9. Perfect, I joined on that for another 45 miles. This was gonna be easy... a bunch of old guys. Nope, more pain starting the 2nd half of this ride. By the time we finally made it back to the park I was shot. Unfortunately I had another 10+ miles south to winnetka. Those were awfully slow. I got the big ride in I wanted... off to az!