Saturday, August 2, 2008

Maggie's Buns

Finally had time to get a good ride in this morning. About 30 showed up. The route started off about 15 miles of flat until we hit some hills in forest grove. For not riding much this summer I felt pretty good. We played around in the hills for the next 20 miles or so until we got to Maggie's Buns. I've never seen such a cool little shop. Most places have discounts for Senior citizens, maybe discounts for veterans, this place has discounts for bikers, and it really draws them in. We arrived about 5 minutes after another club so the place was packed. i was pretty hungry, got a bagel and cream cheese and a huge m&m brownie... with discount $2.97. Oh yeah and everyone that worked there (other than maggie) was a girl 18-25. Oh yea one more plus, the shop was 200 yards from the optometry school. Made it back with no problems and with travel to and from the ride ended with about 65 miles. Probably will be my last good ride in Portland but I may be able to slip something in on wednesday or thursday. Then I'll be flying home on Friday.

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