Monday, August 4, 2008

ah yes back to the bicycle

Friday I'll be flying back to Chicago and getting there around midnight. Samir's going to be picking me up... lucky guy. There are races both days this weekend and next so I've decided to waste my money a few times. I'll be racing Glencoe on Sunday and Downers grove the next weekend. I don't expect to last more than maybe 5 or 10 minutes... but its the effort that counts right? So now we know I won't last long, there has to be another reason for humiliating myself... ah yes the motivation (and humiliation) to get me training again. I haven't felt this pathetic about my shape in a few years. Technically the race is 50 minutes +2 laps... we'll see. I could just get a group ride in that day for free but thats a lot earlier in the day and I have to listen to a bunch of old rich guys whine about how their porche is in the shop for the weekend and they have to drive their BMW instead.

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