Thursday, July 2, 2009

Recap sunday

After Saturdays road race Chris and I both knew we had 2 fun days of racing in and realized we had one more in the morning. The thing was it was only going to last about 20 minutes... and it did. The circuit race was 4 laps around presque isle which is exactly 2 miles around. With such a small race in the morning we decided to have a few drinks which led to quite a few more and before you knew it we were both drinking all night long. When morning came we did our regular prep of oatmeal (no coffee this time) and headed over to the race. One of the best things about this whole series was that we could ride to every race in 5 minutes from Garrett's.

Anyways the course consisted a small flat section a big hill and gradual downhill and a couple sharp fast turns into the finish. Going up the hill I attacked and got into a break of 5 which was looking strong for a lap but at that point people stopped rotating and crossing the line for lap 2 we were reabsorbed with the pack. At that point Chris made a brilliant move and attacked, with one other guy he stayed away from the pack for the remaining 2 laps and out muscled his break partner for first. This put an awesome cap on a really fun weekend!!

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