Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LaRue Denzer LaRue

This past saturdays race was an epic course for sure. 7500 feet of climbing in 48 miles was on tap for the cat 3 race. Unfortunately bikers are pretty big sissies so this awesome/ brutal race only fielded 19. The race was a half lap followed by 2 full laps. I hit a new 5 minute wattage on the half lap then soon after the s/f line had trouble shifting. I couldnt figure it out, eventually my bike skidded me to a stop. I hopped off to check it out and noticed my wheel was out of the drops. My skewer came undone. I tightened it and chased back... but to no avail. I kept the field in my sights nearly to the start/finish line again (20 miles) but could never close the gap. As I crossed the line I looked right and saw tom and derek wathing the race. I was mentally done so I stopped and went and caught up with them. I worked on my bike today. Its ready to rock for duluth.

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