Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, AZ is almost over and I'm not totally sure I'm ready to come back. I've had the chance to ride lots, hang out with a bunch of my cousins who came down for spring break, and meet some pretty cool people at work.

The training is coming along quite well and I got a good test this morning at the Superior race, a 62 mile out and back road race with lots of rollers and one long hill that we hit on the way out and again on the way back. The first half was really slow but the 2nd half the pace picked up and people started getting dropped. When the group was down to about 10 guys we were part way up the big climb on the way back. It was a pretty hard pace but I felt ok, then... I dropped my chain.

I didnt blink and got off to put it back on and try to chase back. I managed to catch a few stragglers who were falling off the pace but never caught back with that front group. Three of us crested together and worked to catch those guys but we didnt make it. Another joined and four went into the line, I took 2nd of that group but wasnt happy with that since I had more sprint but wasnt clear on where the line was.

Anyways it was a training race and was really happy that my fitness was not a limiter in my performance and I managed to learn a couple of things. One, make sure my bike shifts better, dropping that chain probably cost me a couple spots and also know where the finish line is, going for it when you dont even know where 'it' is, isnt a good move.
The town of Superior was so beautiful I wish I had my camera. There were HUUUUGE mountain cliffs surrounding the entire town.
Wednesday, I start the journey back to Chi and friday (hopefuly I'm there by then) I get my Cannondale built up!!


Chris said...

tough break man... the shop can fix that shifting too...

TheBrothersChase said...

nice work dood!! see u upnorth in a few months..i gotta continue my glowing tan down here.

Anonymous said...

don't forget to visit the cycling haus @ mqt! come up and ride the Ronde, chill with the dogs and drink cafe'. i here da bro's chase are too 'fraid of the Ronde, that's why they moved soo freakin far away! hey, remember that time we motopaced together? that was a workout plus... but i love the pain my bike gives me...c ya soon,gilberto.