Monday, December 1, 2008

turkey time

My definition of break insinuates breaking from school or terminating the constant daily grind. Im pretty sure for the past 5 days I managed to fit in twice the amount of stuff as I would in a normal 5 day span at school.

I ate lots of course, biked lots (almost 8 hours in all), went out a couple nights, bowled, played monopoly and scrabble and topped it all off with Sunday morning football (which left my legs and ass pretty sore) before making the arduous drive back to school in blizzard conditions almost the entire way.

The ride started with libby annie and myself and we picked up one connor fox along the way after he lost a fight with the green bay bridge at 60mph. On the biking side of things it was nice to get some solid outdoor rides in however I did manage to bend the axel on my powertap so its completely unridable and had to leave it at get a grip until they can replace the axel.

Only 2 more weeks of school until im graduated and back in Illinois… man it went fast.

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