Tuesday, September 23, 2008

cyclocross kicked off sunday

13 of 24 for Eh's.

Everybody was there and it went smoothly. I felt pretty good for it being my first time on that bike since last years final cx race. The races started off fast I got a bad start and entered the first tight spot in about 10th. From there all kinds of craziness occurred. My skewer wouldn't stay tight for more than a couple laps so I replaced that for this weekend. Around lap 8 I pass tom because i see his chain comes off and he stops to fix it, he quickly gets back and is right behind me, as I'm taking a left i go down and with great bike handling tom avoided me and i was right back up. This weekend: fit strip lots of hills, single track and lactic acid... hoping for a top 10, is that too much to ask?

1st cx race

porn star joey


eric, me, belic, garrett waiting for the start

giving it everything

garrett sizing up the competition

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Garrett said...

can you edit my caption to "Garrett getting passed"