Thursday, June 12, 2008

tuesday ride

I tried a new ride this week... the barrington tuesday night ride. I met Eric at the church along with roughly 30 other people. The ride started off easy, which was nice since i drove to the start and allowed for a decent warm-up. We rode in a huge pack to an 8 mile loop which we rode 3 times... really hard. I didnt have a computer on my bike but the loops were all at race pace. I caught myself in a couple of breaks giving it everything I had. These guys were strong but there was also this girl who was the fastest id ever seen. I couldnt drop her on our breakaway and she did lots of pulling and was strong on the hills too, incredible. finally on lap 3 phil showed up and we got about a half lap in together. overall a great ride and i wish i had found out about it earlier in the summer.

i might be doing a crit in chicago sunday

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TheBrothersChase said...

good luck kid.......dominate that orgo bulllllllllllllllshnit