Monday, May 19, 2008

wisconsin cup races

Big weekend for ACE as it was the team debut. Saturday was a 46 mile road race in Denzer, Wisconsin about an hour north of Madison. I drove up that morning to meet them and get ready for some fun. The loop was 11.5 miles and included a 1.5 mile steep hill really early in the lap. Saturday was really windy and we started with 19 so there wasnt much room to hide. Lap 1, no problem... I hung in there and got a pretty good idea of what this cat 3 race was going to be like. If I could manage the hills, hanging on for the rest of the lap wouldnt be a problem. Lap 2, up the hill things were getting tough and I crested the hill 75 meters behind the lead 6 guys. With help from 2 other guys we caught them in a couple of miles. Lap 3, otb again on the hill... with the same guys again this time we didnt catch the leaders. I finished 10th overall. That night we crashed at Tom's brothers place which couldnt have worked out any better. The masters cooked for everybody and we had an awesome chicken pasta dinner!
Sunday was Wheels on Willy, great 1km course that I will definitely be coming back to. The day wasn't quite as nice as saturday but the atmosphere was 100x better. The fields were full, the crowds were great and it just felt like a fun bike race. We even had an Ace Hardware right on corner 1 to make us feel a little more at home. This time the other 3's decided to race masters and skip the 3 race so I was at it alone. We started going and the pace was quick but manageable. I stayed in the top half to keep out of trouble, but there was never any to be had. 2 laps to go and I moved up to top 15, I stayed there as we came around for the bell lap. After coming around the last corner of the final lap I got out of my saddle to sprint and broke the master link on my chain, I just looked down and there was nothing there so I coasted across the line in the middle of the pack. I was a little upset but it was a great day and a great weekend so I wasnt going to let that ruin the fun. Not sure how the masters finished up but they all raced well. Wes and Toph finished strong in the 4s and Ty did the same in the P/1/2 field. Way to go guys! Pictures to follow if I can get some.

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havent gotten out of bed since sunday dood hella sick i think duluth for me is a no go