Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Marian / Purdue

Where to start...?
The Sheboygan race was canceled due to ice and snow on the crit course. Big bummer I was ready for the first Ace race. Plans changed quick and 2 hours later I was on my way down to Indiana for some collegiate bike racing. On the way we saw a person in a car, not sure if they were drunk or sleeping, almost run into a cadilac on the freeway then ram into the concrete median wall at 80mph get all 4 tires into the air, somehow stay upright and drive off even faster. eric called 911, maybe they got him, maybe the guy died, who knows. Friday night we crammed 11 bikes and 9 people into one hotel room (no thats not a typo), I was lucky enough to get a bed.
Saturday was Marian's crit, I raced B's and it was 45 minutes long. First race in over 6 months so I had to get back into the swing of things. I raced along side Garrett, Eric, and Chad. I took 7th, Garrett was right next to me and Chad and Eric a little behind. That night we all split up to whatever contacts we had in the area and crashed all over town so we wouldnt be jammed into that hotel room again. Eric and I stayed at Samir's, he was so happy to see us... not.
Sunday morning started with a team time trial. I finally got to try out my helmet on the 6.2 mile course and we won the B's (garrett, eric, chad, and myself). we dropped chad halfway thru, which turned out to be perfect and the rest of us hammed out the second half in perfect harmony. Ok now it was time to step it up with the big boys. I signed up for the mens A road race, 30 miles - 9 times up the wall. My goal was to finish in the pack, every lap I think my time up the hill got slower and slower. ok race over now immediatly back to marquette, right? nope, first i had to get the van stuck in a grass field, have AAA come tow us out, nearly run out of gas, then we finally made it back to marquette at almost 3am.

not sure if these videos will work... stole them from facebook:


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